The Current (9.13.21)

Whoever believes in me, as Scripture has said, rivers of living water will flow from within them. (John 7:38, NIV)

Good morning, everyone! We pray that you would be filled, comforted and challenged by the presence of Jesus this morning and this week.

As we venture deeper into a new season of church family, let us always remember that Christ is our true and lasting foundation!

Now, for some updates …

Upcoming Events

  • Outdoor Baptism Service (Sunday, Sept. 26, 10 a.m.): Join us at Bray Park in Madison Lake (22214 Oriole Rd.) for a special time of worship and celebration. Bring your own lunch for afterward, and hang out! Have questions/interest in being baptized? Contact Pastor David at

  • TRVC Kickball (Sunday, Oct. 3): Bring your own lunch to Spring Lake Park in North Mankato, and enjoy (or compete!) in a friendly game of kickball before service at our new Covenant Family location.

Inside the Sermon Series

Did you know that the Vineyard Church started with a group of people that were tired, burnt out and weary of religion? They gathered in a living room and worshiped with one guitar and three chords. They were thirsty for the presence of the Holy Spirit. And God met them! That little group eventually grew into a church movement that would impact the entire globe, influencing multiple denominations. In our new series, “The Heart of Worship,” we're seeking to gain a Biblical understanding of worship in the life of a follower of Jesus. Check out Pastor David’s first message right here.

Notes from Leaders

  • Pastor David Welker: TRVC has joined a new region in the Vineyard Movement! We're excited to build relationships with a host of new churches in the Vineyard Midwest South Region. Over time we'll have the opportunity to participate in special events, marriage conferences, worship events, children's summer camps and a lot more. To learn about our new region, click here.

  • Shannon Welker (children’s/welcome): The Ladies Picnic group is hosting a night out at the movies! All are welcome to the Rivers Hills Mall theater on Tuesday, Sept. 14, for the 6:50 p.m. showing of Show Me The Father, a documentary on fatherhood, from the creators of War Room. Tickets are $5.75.

  • TRVC Outfitters, our kids ministry, is looking for helpers and teachers for K-5 children. Contact Shannon for more info:

Re-imagine Church: An Important Message from Pastor David

Two Rivers is entering a new season in our church life. Along with being in a new region, we'll be meeting in a new location on Sundays! I find this extremely exciting. Why, you ask? Jesus is providing us with new opportunities to demonstrate the hope of Heaven in a different part of town. In the 11 years we've met as a church at Madison East Center, we've served our community well. We were intentional about serving those around us. As a church, we will continue to discern what Jesus is doing in the lives of the community and partner with the Holy Spirit to serve.

I've been reading up on the general perception of church in America today. The Barna Group reports that while 80% of Christians have a positive view of church, only 21% of non-Christians share a positive view of the body of Christ (see graphic).

Our role as a church body is to bridge that gap. What's interesting is that other reports show that Millennials (and younger) who have lost interest or faith in the local church are weary of religion. A large percentage of them have reported that while they're not hostile or even opposed to Jesus, they don't like what they see in the church. They don't feel that they can be authentic. They want something that's real. Perhaps, at the heart of what they're saying, is that they are desiring a real experience with a real God who brings real hope to their world.

At Two Rivers, we want to act as a family offering real life and real hope. We are a church family that is centered on Jesus, loved by the Father and filled with the Holy Spirit. I am full of faith that Jesus desires us to make a kingdom impact. That we be a church growing in the understanding of seeing God at work in people's lives. That we “call out the gold” instead of "dig for the dirt.” I’m confident and hopeful we will do that in relevant, practical ways. Please pray about how you may be a part of that. In the meantime, let's walk in God's grace, mercy and love.


As believers, we know that everything we have is, at some level, a gift from God. Consider giving back to TRVC with a tithe or offering.


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